About us.

We would like to start by telling you just a little bit about who we are.   We are Steve and Theresa Hughlett and have been very happily married for over 30 years.  We have two sons, Brandon and Skyelar, who are now on each of their own individual life journeys with us as their guides.  Our lives have been filled with raising our sons and supporting each other.  Steve is a Doctor of Pharmacy and a supervisor in a local healthcare system and Theresa runs an online health and fitness business from home. She has spent her life doing all the many things it takes to make our house a home.

As we have raised our sons and tried guiding them the best we knew how, we realized that their friends also started asking us questions and wanted guidance in their lives as well.  Now, with our sons and their friends being older, we feel like we can focus more of our time and energy on what we have come to realize is truly a passion of ours.

This passion is helping those who want meaning and control of their life, with purpose and focus and would like guidance in achieving this.   We then want to help you discover what you feel is your true meaning in life to give your life a Future Focus.  Then we will continue to guide you down YOUR path to this Future Focus by organizing and balancing your life around the five Values that have helped us with our life journey.

These values we call our FIRSTlys (Financially, Intellectually, Relationally, Spiritually, Train physically.  With this Future Focus in mind we want to show you how to prioritize your individual goals under each of these Values and then to analyze them weekly to make sure that you stay on track to the “futureYOU that you choose.