F.I.R.S.T Things First

Let’s Discover Your Future You together.

Do you find yourself looking back on your past and thinking, “Where did time go”?

Do you find that each year you make a New Year’s resolution that you forget about in a month?​​​​

Do you feel like you spend your time taking care of everyone else and no time on creating the future that you want for yourself?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “How do others seem to get so much done and I feel like I am just going in circles?

Are you having trouble deciding where you truly want to be at the end of next month, next year or next decade?


  • We will help you start thinking about all the goals that you used to have, still have and some that you haven’t even thought were possible.
  • We will teach you how to organize and prioritize these goals within your Values, so you have a clear thought of where you are heading.
  • We will teach you the power of analyzing last week’s goals and writing the next week’s goal on a weekly basis.
  • We will teach you that, just like the emergency oxygen on an airplane, by you taking care of YOURSELF, you will find you will be much more productive in taking care of others.
  • We will help you to stop going in circles and instead, advance through life on a clear path that you choose for yourself, with meaning and purpose towards the Future YOU that you desire.

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The best way to Predict YOUR Future is to Create It.

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We will help you re-discover the excitement of life that is still inside you.  After watching this video series you will realize that you are in total control of the choices you make each day and how those choices either take you closer to or further away from the Future YOU that you desire.

We will explain in detail how success is not one giant decision and luck, but rather many tiny choices made every single day with a Future Focus in mind.

We will teach you that by always keeping your Values in the forefront of your mind, your daily decision making will have more meaning and guidance and your life will have more balance.  So, as you look back over your life, you will not do it with regrets, but instead with pride and fulfillment.

We will send the video link and password via email after purchase